The Alt Project

Project Brief:

Developing a series of portraits focussed on the alternative/fringe/nontraditional artforms,lifestyles,collections and hobbies, and the people behind them. Each portrait will be designed to the subjects personality, life choices and creative input, and will be designed as an illustrative fine art composition


  1. Alternative Artists – Aimed at developing portraits of artists and creatives who produce artwork in unusual or non-traditional ways. An example might be(but not limited to) performance art, street artists, shibari / rope artists, tattoo artists, alternative film-making etc.
  2. Alternative Lifestyles – Aimed creating tasteful and insightful portraits of subjects involved on alternative lifestyles such as BDSM, Fetish, alternative relationships to the traditional. Can be captured and created with anonymity.
  3. Alternative Collections / Hobbies / Inventors / Creators – Peoples of interest, or who have an interesting unusual passion they wish to share,that may not fit the above descriptions/groupings.

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